On May 13, 2019 in accordance with the order of the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan of April 5, 2019 No. 314, as well as Order No. 279 of TTA of April 20, 2019, the Republican Olympiad on the subject “Therapy” was held in TMA. The Olympiad was held in the SVP TTA module. In order to hold the Olympiad, in accordance with the Charter, a collegial commission, a credentials committee and an justice commission were formed under the leadership of the vice-rector for science TMA Sh.A. Azizova, Head of the Department for the organization of research work of talented students A.A. Usmankhodzhaeva, Head of the Department of Internal Diseases No. 1, MD. N.M. Nurillayeva.

The Olympiad was held in four rounds. The members of the working organizing committee prepared new versions of question variants. Variants were provided to the participants, and one of the participants chose the assignment by lot. Four rounds of the Olympiad:Round I: a theoretical questionII round: solving situational problemsIII round: practical skillsIV round: test questionsAccording to the results of the Republican Olympiad on therapy, the following results were obtained:1st place: Khuzhaboev Sirozhbek Uktambaevich 6th year student of the medical faculty of the TTA: Dimfuza Zairovna Yarmukhamedova, PhD, scientific adviser, internal medicine No. 1 TMA.2nd place: Erkinov Olimjon Rovshan coals 6th year student of the medical faculty of TashPMI; Supervisor: Karimjonova Guzal Akmaljonovna Assistant of the Department of Internal Diseases TashPMI. 3rd place: Azzamov Zhasursur Azamat, a 6-year student of the Faculty of Medicine Sammi, scientific advisor: Akhmedov Ibrat Amrillaevich Assistant of the Department of Internal Diseases and Phthisiology SamMI.


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